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Martin HD 28 VS: "Vintage Series"
Wilder Neck, joining body at 12th fret;
A real Boomer, with plenty of volume without overdoing the bass.
Definite Martin voice. If you're a finger stylist, this one's for you.
Martin's at the top of the game
Froggy Bottom P12:
Another wide-nut 12 fretter in a small package; but not the sound! What a voice!
Makes up in volume what it lacks in stature thanks to the Adarondack Spruce top and fine bracing.
Puts most 000-sized guitars to shame.
One of the great little-touted secrets from Michael Millard in Vermont, but people who know and love flattops know this one.
1965 Gibson J 50: A true classic.
What can I say? Flagship of the '60s Folk Revival;
James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Donovan, Brownie McGee and just about every other folksinger worth his salt in the 60s. A nice funky "punch" when strummed. Great Blues axe!
It's a McPherson, made in Michigan; an innovation of acoustic technology and the tone raises the hairs on your neck! With a Baggs saddle pickup, it sounds almost as good through an acoustic guitar amp or PA system.
1976 Alvarez Yiari 12 String.
This beautiful 'Martin copy' is hand made by Yiari in Japan
of first-class woods in the period when Japanese guitar making
was at its best. It sounds and plays as well as any Martin 12 string and this one still in mint condition after 40 years!
I would not sell this for twice the 'Blue Book' price. It's a keeper.
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Dave's Instruments
David Fishel
Guild DV 72 : Only 200 made in 1993. It sounds as good as it looks.
It has Pearl and Turquoise Inlays and was made in the Custom Shop, Westerly, Rhode Island Factory before Guild was bought by Fender.
Ain't it pretty.
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