Dave's Instruments 2
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Breedlove C25 CRH: A little more access to the upper frets.
What a gorgeous, almost 'Art Deco' design, and it sounds as good as it looks. Baggs under-saddle transducer pickup built-in. Don't you love rosewood? I know I do! This is one of the prettiest guitars I've owned; and there've been a lot!
Martin HD 28: Considered by many to be the best of Martin's Standard Series. It epitomizes the Martin sound; most copied steel-stringed acoustic in the world! Pennsylvania's pride, and they still do it right!
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1964 Gibson SJN Country Western Jumbo: I bought this one brand new in '64 for $225! Now called the Cheryl Crow model and I think this is the same year as hers; the love of my life. I'll never sell this one.
Did I say that?
Ovation 1615-4, 12 string and a 1717 (legend) 6 string: The eldest of these two tireless workhorses is from 1976. In those days, if you wanted to amplify your accoustic, this was what you got. I've been using these two polymer-bodied guitars to perform in spain for 35 years and the neck of the 12 string ia as true as ever. This, most underrated, guitar deserves it's own chapter in the accoustic guitar history book!
A legendary instrument with a sound all of it's own, both accoustic and amplified.
David Fishel
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