Virtually all my songs have something to say. They always have. Most of them don't come quickly but a few spring to life seemingly unbidden, as if they had a will of their own. The songwriting process is enigmatic. It's been several years since my last issuance and, until recently the muses have been rather slow to help. This is a condition which is alluded to in one of the songs in the collection. Hence, I have decided to combine eight new songs with eight songs from former albums which heretofore had never been released in CD format. They are from former albums, Child of the Sixties, Watching from the Other Side, The World's Most Dangerous Man, and Graven Images.
David Fishel
Now & Then
 1. If Jesus Were A Christian.
 2. Born To Be A Politician.
 3. Lament For A Squandered Life.
 4. Crying For Kim.
 5. Dirge For A Dying Planet.
 6. Block This.
 7. Waltzing With Despairs.
 8. Reverse Polarity.
 9. Entr'acte.
10. First Class American Show.
11. Things I Haven't Done.
12. Cherubim.
13 The Right To Belong.
14. Child Of The Sixties.
15. Too Many Idiots.
16. The World's Most Dangerous Man.
17. The End Is Near.
'Now & Then' - Track List
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Three of the songs are "title" songs from three of the aforementioned albums. The World's Most Dangerous Man was written about Ronald Reagan and I find it as true now as it was then, albeit when applied to subsequent chief executives. Child of the Sixties is about a generation of which I am proud to be a member, and The End Is Near is a cynical, yet fatalistic view of the status quo. This could also be said of The First Class American Show which, although written some 30 years ago, is even more relevant today. I have decided to present the opus as if it were a two-sided album, keeping the "now" separate from the "then" although the "now" comes first in case anybody should prefer to listen to them as two separate volumes. I think that these, and all worthy songs, need to be heard and not stuffed into the dustbin of time to be replaced by the next "Top Forty" hit. Listen to the words because that's what my songs are all about, although I consider melody to follow only slightly behind in overall importance.
Please enjoy them as I have enjoyed making them..."Now and Then" David Fishel, 2012
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