Dave has been performing guitar and vocal music professionally since 1970 having learned to play the guitar during his four years as a student at the Philadelphia College of Art from 1964 to 1968
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David Fishel
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He studied for a short time with John Pilla (accompanist for Doc Watson) and was influenced by the folk revival which was prevalent at the time (see other influences).
Dave began writing songs in 1968 and in 1976 he produced his first album of original compositions 'Food for Thought' , followed by 'Child of the Sixties' in 1980, 'Watching from the Other Side' in 1982 , The World's Most Dangerous Man' in 1985 , 'Graven Images' in 1990 , 'Back Again' in 1992 , 'Brandy of the Damned' in 1999, 'Bad Hair Day' in 2005, 'Escaping Criticism' in 2009, 'Now and Then' in 2012 and 'To the Losers' in 2017.
In 1977 Dave teamed up with Rick Gladfelter, (long-time friend
and co-worker in public television and private film production)
and moved to Menorca to establish residence there.
Rick, apart from his help in the production of the recordings,
was sound engineer for Dave's live performances throughout
Menorca from 1977-1997.